About the client

OkayGenie offers businesses digital solutions that simplify operations, both online and offline. The platform facilitates tasks such as inventory management, order tracking, and report generation with minimal effort. Through automation, OkayGenie enables businesses to extend their reach beyond physical locations, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for all parties involved.


In the pursuit of elevating its services, OkayGenie embarked on a mission to revamp its Inventory Management application. The primary goal was to create a more streamlined and user-centric interface, catering to both desktop and mobile users. The client recognized the need for a modernized platform that not only aligned seamlessly with their brand identity but also substantially improved the overall usability of the application.

OkayGenie X Uxful

As a premier UI/UX firm, UXFUL excels in curating compelling digital interactions that harmoniously fuse ingenuity with practicality. So, our team collaborated closely with OkayGenie to develop a website and a backend system that prioritized functionality and ease of navigation. The desktop version features a comprehensive set of features without compromising simplicity, ensuring users can effortlessly manage their inventory. The mobile version mirrors this approach, providing a seamless experience on smaller screens.

Comprehensive UI/UX Strategy

Our UI/UX strategy prioritized the creation of a clutter-free, visually engaging experience where our team meticulously selected fine details like fonts and colors. We implemented the client's specifications, ensuring a seamless alignment with their expectations and maintaining synergy with the overall brand guidelines. Within this framework, UXFUL also generated a user-centric journey, utilizing CTAs as navigational aids to foster engagement with key features, thereby contributing to an intuitive and seamless experience.


By delving into user experience research, UXFUL conceptualized and crafted a digital solution for OkayGenie that effectively communicates with its users. This resulted in the development of a comprehensive, all-in-one solution tailored for shopkeepers, offering seamless payment management, efficient organization of POS data, and the capability to establish online stores effortlessly that successfully catapulted OkayGenie's Inventory Management application into a league of its own.

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