SEO for Space Of Joy

About the client

Space of Joy offers a diverse range of home decor items and wall coverings. Committed to providing top-notch products, they aim to help customers create stylish and comfortable living spaces. Initially facing suboptimal online visibility, they sought to enhance their digital presence through effective SEO strategies.


Focused on overall growth, the project aimed to increase sales, enhance online visibility, and improve search engine rankings. The comprehensive approach involved an in-depth SEO audit, competitor analysis, and strategies to address identified challenges.

Initial Analysis

UXFUL significantly enhanced performance by optimizing page speed and conducting a comprehensive SEO audit. This involved a detailed analysis of competitors, leading to strategic insights for optimizing on-page elements, resolving technical issues like implementing schema markup, seo-based UI changes, and fixing error pages. These improvements not only refined the overall user experience but also strengthened the website’s visibility and search engine ranking.

Challenges & Solutions

Our team of experts addressed challenges like keyword cannibalization, poor keyword strategy, duplicate content, and crawling issues through a comprehensive solution set, refining content and keyword strategy, URL restructuring, and ensuring unique titles.


In conclusion, tailored SEO strategies exceeded the client's goals, establishing them as a prominent online presence. The successful collaboration showcased expertise in overcoming challenges and delivering tangible results.

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